The Pledge

For the purposes of this pledge “Productions” refers to studios and content creators in their filming and content owning capacity.

For the purposes of this pledge “Performers” refers to studio porn performers and content creators in their performance capacity.

This means content creators are often both Productions and Performers.

We the professionals undersigned pledge:

  1. Having reviewed and discussed available trial results and medical information, we accept that individuals living with HIV who maintain an Undetectable Viral Load cannot pass on the virus to their sexual partners. As such, we encourage people living with HIV with an Undetectable Viral Load to approach us for work without fear of discrimination.

  2. Performers who are not living with HIV will have the opportunity to agree to work with other Performers who are living with HIV with an Undetectable Viral Load. This must be consented to before the filming happens, and where ‘Open Disclosure’ or ‘Serosorting’ is used, with all parties agreeing to treat a Performer’s shared HIV status with respect and confidentiality. Different Productions handle disclosure in different ways, including using methods for  ‘Status Privacy’. For more see Supplementary Information – Status Disclosure

  3. Performers who are not living with HIV who wish to only work with other HIV negative partners will have their choice respected. One part of respecting this choice can be handled with sexual health testing, along with Performers understanding the ‘Window Periods’ that relate to tests. Different Productions approach testing in different ways, Performers should be made aware of which approaches are being used for each filming occasion. Example approaches are given in Supplementary Information – Testing

  4. Productions should make reasonable effort to educate all Performers about sexual health. This education should include HIV and other STIs, as well as the fact that people living with HIV maintaining an Undetectable Viral Load can't pass on the virus. This should go along with advice on testing, condom use and accessing PrEP and PEP. Such education is available and can be linked to via Supplementary Information

To agree to this pledge, please send us a representative image for below. This should be a logo for organisations, or a non-explicit photo for individuals. Please send this to
Along with the image please give us permission to include your logo or profile photo and your performer name in future copies of the PPSD pledge, acknowledging it will be made publicly available and within the industry.